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We, humans, are taking a terrible toll on the planet. It is easy to lose hope and feel overwhelmed by the scale of the issues, but there are things we can do on an individual basis to contribute to the solutions.

Join our movement and take steps towards a healthier future for our planet.

Never underestimate the difference one person can make...!

Every small action makes a difference to our planet

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By providing practical information, resources and eco-friendly products, Planetary Concerns aims to support individuals who want to take positive action to reduce their environmental impact. There is also information and resources for those who want to transition to plant-based living.

Taking positive planetary actions

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Vegan Nutrition – Chia Seeds

Its important to ensure you get all the right nutrients on a plant based or vegan diet. Chia seeds punch above their weight, are very versatile and give you a nutritional boost everytime you eat them!

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Deeply troubled by the ongoing destruction of the environment and the treatment of animal lives that some consider to be less important than our own, Planetary Concerns was established by Diana Pampling in 2019.

This is an online space where you can find information regarding animal and environmental issues, and learn to take individual steps that create positive changes in our world.

We provide practical support as you strive to live your best life and reduce your carbon footprint on our planet.

Which future will we choose?