Shampoo Bar Original - ANSC

Reduce your plastic waste in the bathroom by using a shampoo bar.

Lovingly handmade in Australia by The Australian Natural Soap Company, the soap is free of parabens and sulphates which are known to be drying and irritating.

Instead, high-grade Australian plant oils that leave hair clean and moisturised are used.

As well as replacing a product that would traditionally come in a plastic bottle,  soap bars are more concentrated and use less water – meaning a little goes a long way ( liquid soap is mostly water!)

Any fragrance added are pure essential oils, which means you can experience full aromatic bliss without the stress of skin irritating perfumes!

All the soaps are certified cruelty free, palm oil free and vegan friendly!

The Original Shampoo Bar uses only natural plant oils that are similar to your hairs natural oils and will also give your hair extra body.

You may have to use the shampoo bar several times before your hair adjusts if you have been using regular shampoos with their harsh detergents and chemicals. Your hair may feel a bit heavy or oily  initially, but this should settle down.  You shouldn’t need to wash your hair as often and may not even need a conditioner.

If you do feel the need to also condition your hair, a conditioning bar is also available.

Apply  directly to wet hair and massage to the ends. Rinse and repeat. You should find it lathers up well and a little goes a long way.