Veggie Saver


Veggie Saver is the produce bag that actually keeps veggies and fruit fresh for longer, reduces waste and saves people thousands of dollars every year!

Keep the crunch and reduce your waste. Veggie Saver helps to keep your produce fresh for 2+ weeks. Completely free of plastic and environmentally friendly. The bag can be composted  at the end of its life.

Okay, so how does it work?

Veggie Saver is made out of a 3 layer patented fabric combination.  The unbleached, unseeded cotton allows the moisture to be pulled through the outer layers of the fabric so veggies better retain their freshness and nutrients.

Cool! But how do I use it?

Prior to the first use, machine wash in a cool wash. Don’t use hot water as it will shrink..

All you have to do then is moisten the veggie saver under the tap before filling with your produce. Once filled, just pop in the crisper for fruit and veggies that last longer!

Machine wash every couple of weeks to ensure good food hygiene.